SLST/NET/SET EDUCATION (Bengali Version) | Latest Edition

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Author: Dr. Debashish Paul

Publisher: Rita Publication

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1. Philosophical Foundations of Education

Education—Philosophy—Relation between Education and Philosophy—Naturalism—Pragmatism—Marxism—Concept and Meaning of Curriculum—Types of Curriculum—Philosophical Base of Curriculum—Psychological Base of Curriculum—Concept and Principles of Curriculum Construction—Steps of Curriculum Constructio—Concept of Curriculum Evaluation—Co-curricular Activities—Freedom and Discipline in Education—MCQ

2. Psychological Foundations of Education

Concept of Growth and Development—Stages of Development—Physical Development—Motor Development—Emotional Development—Social Development—Cognitive Development—Moral Development—Intelligence Theories of Intelligence—Intelligence Tests—Personality—Concept of Learning—Theories of Learning—MCQ

3. Sociological Foundations of Education

Concept of Sociology—Social Groups—Social Change—Concept of socialization—Concept of Social Stratification—Concept of Equality of Educational Opportunity—MCQ

4. Historical Foundations of Education

Education of Vedic Period—Education in Brahmanic Period—Education in the Buddhistic Period—Education in Islamic Period—Serampore Trio and Their Contribution in the Field of Education—Charter Act and Oriental-Occidental Controversy—Macaulay’s Minute on Indian EducationWood’s Despatch: 1854—First Indian Education Commission or Hunter Commission: 1882—Indian University Commission: 1902—Calcutta University Commission or Sadler Commission: 1919—Sargent Report: 1944—MCQ

5. Modern Development of Education

Radhakrishnan Commission—Mudaliar Commission—Kothari Commission—National Policy of Education,1986—Programme of Action,1992—MCQ

6. Contribution of Great Educators

Iswarchandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891)—Swami Vivekananda—Rabindranath Tagore—Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi—Jean Jacques Rousseau—Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi—John Dewey—Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel

7. Guidance in Education and Impact of Mass-media on Education

Concept in Guidance—Concept of Counselling—Psychotherapy—Ethical Issues in Counselling Process—Essential Skills of Counsellor—Area of Guidance—Educational Guidance—Vocational Guidance—Area of Counselling—Approaches of Counselling—Individual Counselling—Group Counselling—Personal Information—Educational Information—Vocational or Occupational Information—Essential Information for Counselling Process—Information Collection and Preservation for Guidance and Counselling—Case History Method—Mass-Media—MCQ

8. Mental Hyegiene

Concept of Mental Health—Concept of adjustment and Maladjustment—Techniques of Adjustment—Criteria of good Adjustment—Causes, Prevention and Remedies of Maladjustment—MCQ

9. Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Concept of Measurement—Concept of Evaluation—Evaluation and Examination—Concept of Tools of Evaluation—Concept of Test—Norm Referenced Test and Criterion Referenced Test—Objective Type Test and Essay Type Test—Aptitude Test—Personality Test—Creativity Test—Interest Inventory—Types of Educational Test—Concept of Conventional Examination—MCQ

10. Educational Statistics Basic

Concept in Statistics—Frequency Distribution—Graphical Representation of Data—Central Tendency—Measure of Variability or Dispersion—Normal Distribution—Correlation—Bi-serial Correlation—Point Bi-serial Correlation—Phi (f) Coefficient—Partial Correlation—Multiple Correlation—Percentile Score and Percentile Rank—Z-Score—Standard Score—T-Score—C-Score—MCQ

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