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With a vision to make India a Hindu nation, Dr. Hedgewar founded the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1925. The idea of Hindutva was fired up by his passion for nationalism. In the last ninety-six years, the RSS has grown into one of world’s largest voluntary cadet organizations in which ideology is paramount, not the leader. Today the Sangh runs 1.7 lac projects and over 60,000 shakhas across the country. But to attempt to understand RSS purely through its shakhas would be similar to gauging just one side of the proverbial elephant as described in the Panchtantra.

The RSS is like the phoenix. Banned thrice by the ruling government:—over Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, during the Emergency and after the Babri Masjod demolition—it not only resurrected itself, but also widened its sphere of influence each time and impacted not just politics but the country’s socio-cultural landscape as well. Sangh is not only the life force behind the current ruling government, it is the authority that defines nationalism in India today. This colossus is about to finish 100 years of its existence soon, and the question that seasoned journalist Vijai Trivedi poses to us is how much and in what ways will Sangh adapt to grow and stay relevant as one of India’s oldest institutions.

Having covered Indian politics, the BJP and RSS for decades, Vijai Trivedi has interesting insights to share into the landmark events in India’s politics and important milestones in the evolution of the RSS. The book is filled with unknown anecdotes, for instance the reasons why Deoras stayed away from RSS for seven years or the interesting events that had transpired before Golwalkar took office as the second chief of RSS.

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