Mint Your Money An Easy Manual to Unlocking Your Wealth-Creating Potential

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It is never too late to start saving, and it’s never too soon.

A devastating pandemic, a global economic slump and a teetering job market have shown us,

more clearly than ever, how essential it is to set aside savings. In Mint Your Money, Pranjal

Kamra—seasoned value investor and a YouTuber with over two million subscribers on his

channel—offers accessible financial wisdom along with practical advice for building your

‘Person Capital’. With a firm focus on his goal of empowering investors—which is what makes

his YouTube channel so popular—Pranjal takes you step by step through investing, debt, tax

and insurance, demystifying these and showing you how you can make it all work for you.

Intelligent and intelligible, this is a book aimed at developing independent thinking, so you

can successfully grow your hard-earned money.

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