Left Behind Surviving Sucide Loss

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In April 2017, Nandini Murali lost her urologist husband Dr T.R. Murali to suicide. In the

wake of that devastation, her life changed forever. As she struggled to find her feet and begin

to live again, the author discovered that survivors of suicide loss are unheard and unseen,

their needs and concerns not recognised.

She writes of the angst of the survivor, and of the overwhelming feelings of confusion, anger,

shame, loneliness and guilt that survivors of suicide loss face. Her lived experience has

inspired Nandini Murali to institute intervention strategies, through her initiative SPEAK,

for those grappling with suicide and for survivors of suicide loss. She distils her experience,

personal and professional, and her research to write this necessary account.

This profoundly moving book is an important contribution towards addressing the shame,

secrecy, silence and stigma of suicide loss, and a step towards bringing it out of the closet.

A chronicle of love and loss, Left Behind is an inspirational story of transmuting pain into

purpose, healing and transforming through loss, building resilience and discovering newer

meanings in life.

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