Durga Puja Diaries of an OBANGALI


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Publisher : BlueRose Publishers

Writer : Rohan Gupta

Binding Type : Paperback

Publication Year : 2019


Durga Puja Diaries of an Obangali (meaning Non-Bengali in “Bengali”) is based on a North Indian boy who gets involved in Bengali culture at a very young age and adapts that culture completely through his amazing journey. The book revolves around a Bengali Welfare Committee that is full of fun, love, drama, fights and a big fat grand festival “Durga Puja”. The book discusses all the incidents that the boy faced while becoming a part of this organization and this community starting from getting “Lost in translation” to a “Bhodro Bangali Chele”. The boy learns many new facts about Bengali culture and language by making new friends and then relatives. The book is recommended to all those who want to know “What Durga Puja is?” and how it is celebrated and why it is not just a “Festival”.

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