• The Best of Dabung Girl, SuperAvni and Purple Flame – Superhero comic books collection in English

    Have a great day by doing a great purchase. An amazing must-read fictional comic books collection with new age superheroes: Dabung Girl, SuperAvni and Purple FlameNow you can grab the best comic books collection set with just one click?
    (1) Dabung Girl and Muskaan’s Smile
    (2) Dabung Girl and A Lost Friend
    (3) Dabung Girl and Giving Wings to Dreams
    (4) Dabung Girl and Delhi Yatra
    (5) Dabung Girl and Cricket Fever
    (6) Beating the Odds: Purple Flame and Dabung Girl
    (7) SuperAvni and The Invisible Challenge
    (8) Cyber Attack on America: SuperAvni and Dabung Girl
    (9) Girl with a golden heart and Dabung Girl
    (10) Dabung Girl and the Space Journey

    ★ They inspire them to learn, take action, and break stereotypes.
    ★ Meticulously researched and expertly written, this book collection is packed with vivid, carefully created artwork, illuminating infographics, and insightfully curated dialogues that make the readers think.

    ♥ Apart from winning hearts, Dabung Girl and SuperAvni are also winning several awards. Dabung Girl is also the winner of the best emerging comic book series for children at the prestigious CBAM Awards 2021.
    ♥ SuperAvni won best comic book of the year award at CBAM awards 2021 by Animationxpress

    Hope your kids enjoy reading these amazing books.

    Other spellings: Dabang Girl , Dabangg Girl , दबंग गर्ल , Super Avni , सुपर अवनी , सुपरअवनी , PurpleFlame, पर्पल फ्लेम

    For the Hindi version of this book click here

    To know more about Dabung Girl visit: https://www.dabunggirl.com/


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