• Why I Am a Hindu

    Author: Dr. Shashi Tharoor

    Brand: Rupa Publications India

    Edition: First


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    Release Date: 19-01-2018

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    In Why I Am a Hindu, one of India?s finest public intellectuals gives us a profound book about one of the world?s oldest and greatest religions. Starting with a close examination of his own belief in Hinduism, he ranges far and wide in his study of the faith. He talks about the Great Souls of Hinduism, Adi Shankara, Patanjali, Ramanuja, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and many others who made major contributions to the essence of Hinduism. He delves deep into Hinduism?s most important schools of thought (such as the Advaita Vedanta). He explains, in easily accessible language, important aspects and concepts of Hindu philosophy like the Purusharthas and Bhakti, masterfully summarizes the lessons of the Gita and Vivekananda?s ecumenism and explores with sympathy the ?Hinduism of habit? practised by ordinary believers. He looks at the myriad manifestations of political Hinduism in the modern era, including violence committed in the name of the faith by right-wing organizations and their adherents. He analyses Hindutva, explains its rise and dwells at length on the philosophy of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, its most significant ideologue. He is unsparing in his criticism of extremist ?bhakts? and unequivocal in his belief that everything that makes India a great and distinctive culture and country will be imperilled if religious ?fundamentalists? are allowed to take the upper hand. However, he also makes the point that it is precisely because Hindus form the majority that India has survived as a plural, secular democracy.
    A book that will be read and debated now and in the future, Why I Am a Hindu is a revelatory and original masterwork.
    Why I Am A Hindu is as balanced a book on religion as one can hope to write in these tumultuous times. It is also a necessary reminder to all Hindus that plural is the way they were, and plural is what they should continue to be-Scroll.in
    Why I Am A Hindu is a robust defence of Hinduism in all its vibrant, pluralistic glory. It is a must-read for every politically curious Indian, and not only for janeu-dharis-Times of India
    Why I Am A Hindu must be read by all, especially in trying times like ours- Mail Today
    About the Author
    Shashi Tharoor is the bestselling author of sixteen previous books, both fiction and non-fiction, besides being a noted critic and columnist. His books include the path-breaking satire the Great Indian Novel (1989), the classic India: From Midnight to the Millennium (1997) and most recently, An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, for which he won the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism, 2016 for Books (Non-Fiction). He was a former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations and a former Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Minister of State for External Affairs in the Government of India. He is a two-time member of the Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram and chairs Parliament’s External Affairs committee. He has won numerous literary awards, including a Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and was honoured as New Age Politician of the Year (2010) by NDTV. He was awarded the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, India’s highest honour for overseas Indians.


    Why I Am a Hindu

  • Turtles All the Way Down

    Author: Green John

    Brand: Penguin Random House

    Package Dimensions: 32x223x410

    Number Of Pages: 336

    Release Date: 10-10-2017

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    It all begins with a fugitive billionaire and the promise of a cash reward. Turtles All the Way Down is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction and tuatara. But at its heart is Aza Holmes, a young woman navigating daily existence within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.In his long-awaited return, John Green shares Aza’s story with shattering, unflinching clarity.
    A new modern classic ―

    A wrenching and revelatory novel ―
    The New York Times

    Imaginative . . . affecting . . . unforgettable ―

    Written with a sure grasp of the thought processes of teenagers . . . Another winner ―
    The Sunday Times

    Tender, wise, and hopeful ―
    The Wall Street Journal

    Green’s most authentic and most ambitious work to date ―

    An existential teenage scream ―

    Turtles delivers a lesson that we so desperately need right now: Yes, it is okay not to be okay . . . John Green has crafted a dynamic novel that is deeply honest, sometimes painful, and always thoughtful, delivered with the characteristic charm the author is known for. John Green, welcome back. We missed you. ―

    A thoughtful look at mental illness and a debilitating obsessive-compulsive disorder that doesn’t ask but makes you feel the constant struggles of its main character . . .
    Turtles explores the definition of happy endings, whether love is a tragedy or a failure, and a universal lesson for us all: ‘You work with what you have’. ―
    USA Today

    A full-on emotional bleed-out . . . John Green hasn’t created a book as much as he’s created a place – a place to have your most indefinable and grotesque thoughts articulated, to ponder the disconnected reality you experience . . . No matter where you are on the spiral – and we’re all somewhere – Green’s novel makes the trip, either up or down, a less solitary experience. ―
    The Globe and Mail
    About the Author
    John Green is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author whose many accolades include the Printz Medal, a Printz Honor and the Edgar Award. With his brother, Hank, John is one half of the Vlogbrothers, one of the most popular online video projects in the world. You can join John’s millions of followers on Twitter. John lives with his wife and children in Indianapolis, Indiana.


    Turtles All the Way Down

  • The Perfect Murder

    Author: Ruskin Bond

    Brand: Rupa Publications India

    Package Dimensions: 28x203x200

    Number Of Pages: 175

    Release Date: 28-12-2016

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    In that dim corner of the cafe was planned the perfect murder. Paul had long since realized that the affair was not so easy of accomplishment as he had so airily suggested. For the thing must be done without violence, without clues, without trace.
    Is the perfect murder ever possible? Find out, in this collection of stories where plenty of mysterious and strange crimes occur. Featuring some of the best writers of this genre, from Arthur Conan Doyle and Wilkie Collins to Edgar Allen Poe and Ruskin Bond, these stories will keep the reader hooked as they try to guess the motives, alibis and identity of the murderer. Baffling and exciting, this book is for those who enjoy pitting brains against some of the most accomplished writers of mystery stories.
    About the Author
    Ruskin Bond has been writing for over sixty years and now has over 120 titles in print—novels, collections of short stories, poetry, essays, anthologies and books for children. His first novel, The Room on the Roof, received the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957. He has also received the Padma Shri (1999), the Padma Bhushan (2014) and two awards from Sahitya Akademi—one for his short stories and another for his writings for children. In 2012, the Delhi government gave him its Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Born in 1934, Ruskin Bond grew up in Jamnagar, Shimla, New Delhi and Dehradun. Apart from three years in the UK, he has spent all his life in India and now lives in Mussoorie with his adopted family.


    The Perfect Murder

  • Coffee Can Investing: The Low Risk Road to Stupendous Wealth

    Author: Mukherjea Saurabh

    Brand: Penguin Random House

    Color: Blue


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    • This product will be an excellent pick for you

    Package Dimensions: 33x224x450

    Number Of Pages: 288

    Release Date: 21-02-2018

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    Most people invest in the usual assets: real estate, gold, mutual funds, fixed deposits and stock markets. It’s always the same four or five instruments. All they end up making is a measly 8 to 12 percent per annum. Those who are exceptionally unfortunate get stuck in the middle of a crash and end up losing a lot of money.What if there was another way? What if you could make not 10 not 15 but 20 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) on your investments? What if there was a way to grow your money four to five times whilst taking half the risk compared to the overall market?Bestselling author of Gurus of Chaos and The Unusual Billionaires, Saurabh Mukherjea puts his money where his mouth is. Saurabh follows the Coffee Can approach to high-quality, low-risk investing. His firm, Ambit Capital, is one the largest wealth managers in India which invests with this approach and delivers stupendous returns. In Coffee Can Investing, Saurabh will show you how to go about low-risk investments that generate great returns.
    A must-read for India’s emerging huge numbers of middle and upper-middle income-earners. — Avinash K. Dixit, Princeton University

    Coffee Can Investing cuts through the clutter of the investment landscape in India to show that you don’t have to be a genius to consistently make money in the Indian market. — Latha Venkatesh, executive editor, CNBC-TV18

    The shift in savings away from physical towards financial assets is one of the defining changes of this decade. Coffee Can Investing captures the underlying reasons for this change and then lays out a route mapto wealth creation that almost everyone can follow. — Manish Chokhani, Enam Holdings

    Anyone who wants to invest sensibly and retire happily should read this book. — Sanjay Bakshi, adjunct professor at Management Development Institute (Gurgaon)
    About the Author
    Saurabh Mukherjea, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an alumnus of the London School of Economics, is the author of four best-selling books on subjects including investing, business strategy and self-improvement. Prior to Marcellus, he was the CEO of Ambit Capital and before that, the co-founder of Clear Capital (UK). Saurabh manages Marcellus Investment Managers.

    Rakshit Ranjan manages Marcellus’s flagship Consistent Compounders fund. A B.Tech from IIT (Delhi) and a CFA charter holder, he has a total experience of over sixteen years in equity investing in UK and India. He is also one of the co-authors with Saurabh Mukherjea, of
    Coffee Can Investing.

  • Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    Author: Eyal Nir

    Brand: Penguin Random House

    Edition: Latest Edition


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    Package Dimensions: 28x205x320

    Number Of Pages: 256

    Release Date: 06-11-2014

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    ‘A must-read for everyone who cares about driving customer engagement’ Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup’The most high bandwidth, high octane, and valuable presentation I have ever seen on this subject’ Rory Sutherland, vice chairman, Ogilvy & MatherNir Eyal reveals how successful companies create products people can’t put down – and how you can too Why do some products capture our attention while others flop? What makes us engage with certain things out of sheer habit? Is there an underlying pattern to how technologies hook us? Nir Eyal answers these questions (and many more) with the Hook Model – a four-step process that, when embedded into products, subtly encourages customer behaviour. Through consecutive “hook cycles,” these products bring people back again and again without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.Hooked is based on Eyal’s years of research, consulting, and practical experience. He wrote the book he wished had been available to him as a start-up founder – not abstract theory, but a how-to guide for building better products. Hooked is written for product managers, designers, marketers, start-up founders, and anyone who seeks to understand how products influence our behaviour.Eyal provides readers with practical insights to create user habits that stick; actionable steps for building products people love; and riveting examples from the iPhone to Twitter, Pinterest and the Bible App.
    A must-read for everyone who cares about driving customer engagement — Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

    The most high bandwidth, high octane, and valuable presentation I have ever seen on this subject — Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather

    The book everyone in Silicon Valley is talking about — Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, founder of The Next Web

    Hooked gives you the blueprint for the next generation of products. Read Hooked or the company that replaces you will — Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Wordpress

    You’ll read this. Then you’ll hope your competition isn’t reading this. It’s that good. — Stephen P. Anderson, Author of ‘Seductive Interaction Design’

    Nir’s work is an essential crib sheet for any startup looking to understand user psychology. — Dave McClure, Founder 500 Startups

    When it comes to driving engagement and building habits, Hooked is an excellent guide into the mind of the user. — Andrew Chen, Technology Writer and Investor

    I’ve learned a great deal from Nir, and you will too. He’ll help you design habits to benefit your users, and your company. — Dr Stephen Wendel, author of ‘Designing for Behaviour Change’

    If you’re serious about designing seductive products that sell,
    Hooked is the only psychological toolkit you’ll need — Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist and best-selling author of Webs Of Influence: The Psychology Of Online Persuasion (Pearson)

    Draws on behavioural economics and neuroscience to examine why some products, games and television shows become habits, while others sink. This is useful knowledge for entrepreneurs, marketers and designers … crucial to generating followers, viewers, consumers and revenues. It is also of wider significance ―
    Financial Times Business Education

    Gives an overview of one of the most interesting battles in modern business: the intense competition to create new digital products that monopolise people’s attention — Schumpeter ―
    The Economist

    Principles derived from behavioral science play an increasing role in software design … Among the most influential is Nir Eyal, an entrepreneur turned user-­experience guru who has become Silicon Valley’s most visible advocate of habit-forming technology ―
    MIT Technology Review

    A must read for anyone looking to start a company or develop a product. It provides four actionable steps to attract users and to ensure that they continue to come back. — Firas Kittaneh ―
    About the Author
    Nir Eyal spent years in the video g

    UPC: 784497413078

  • The Rudest Book Ever Paperback

    Author: Shwetabh Gangwar


    • professional problem-solver book
    • In the process, he has picked up on a simple pattern: people need a set of principles and perspectives to protect them

    Package Dimensions: 30x228x170

    Number Of Pages: 224

    Release Date: 01-12-2019

    Details: Shwetabh Gangwar is a professional problem-solver—and he’s ace at it. For the past five years, people from all over the world have contacted him with their troubles and he’s worked these out for them. In the process, he has picked up on a simple pattern: people need a set of principles and perspectives to protect them from all the unnecessary bullshit they go through. Codes to live by, essentially.

  • Twisted Games – Special Edition: 2

    Author: Huang Ana

    Brand: Boba Press

    Package Dimensions: 32x214x630

    Number Of Pages: 454

    Release Date: 22-07-2021

    Details: She Can Never Be His…But He’S Taking Her Anyway.Stoic, Broody, And Arrogant, Elite Bodyguard Rhys Larsen Has Two Rules: 1 Protect His Clients At All Costs 2 Do Not Become Emotionally Involved. Ever.He Has Never Once Been Tempted To Break Those Rules…Until Her.Bridget Von Ascheberg. A Princess With A Stubborn Streak That Matches His Own And A Hidden Fire That Reduces His Rules To Ash. She’S Nothing He Expected And Everything He Never Knew He Needed.Day By Day, Inch By Inch, She Breaks Down His Defenses Until He’S Faced With A Truth He Can No Longer Deny: He Swore An Oath To Protect Her, But All He Wants Is To Ruin Her. Take Her.Because She’S His.His Princess.His Forbidden Fruit.His Every Depraved Fantasy.***Regal, Strong-Willed, And Bound By The Chains Of Duty, Princess Bridget Dreams Of The Freedom To Live And Love As She Chooses.But When Her Brother Abdicates, She’S Suddenly Faced With The Prospect Of A Loveless, Politically Expedient Marriage And A Throne She Never Wanted.And As She Navigates The Intricacies-And Treacheries-Of Her New Role, She Must Also Hide Her Desire For A Man She Can’T Have.Her Bodyguard.Her Protector.Her Ultimate Ruin.Unexpected And Forbidden, Theirs Is A Love That Could Destroy A Kingdom…And Doom Them Both.Twisted Games Is A Contemporary Royal Bodyguard Romance. It’S Book Two Of The Twisted Series But Can Be Read As A Standalone.Warning: This Book Contains A Possessive Alpha Hero, Explicit Sexual Content, And Profanity.

  • SELL LIKE CRAZY: How to Get As Many Clients, Customers and Sales As You Can Possibly Handle

    Author: Sabri Suby

    Edition: Original edition

    Package Dimensions: 30x230x420

    Number Of Pages: 500

    Release Date: 01-12-2019

    Details: Sell like crazy how to get as many clients ,customers and sales as you can possible handle very good book about business

  • Keep Going: 10 Ways To Stay Creative In Good Times And Bad (Austin Kleon)

    Author: Kleon Austin

    Brand: Workman Publishing

    Edition: Illustrated

    Package Dimensions: 16x151x270

    Number Of Pages: 224

    Release Date: 02-04-2019

    Details: Product Description
    Reading books is a kind of enjoyment. Reading books is a good habit. We bring you a different kinds of books. You can carry this book where ever you want. It is easy to carry. It can be an ideal gift to yourself and to your loved ones. Care instruction keep away from fire.
    Praise for Austin Kleon: “Brilliant.” –New York Magazine “Positively one of the most interesting people on the Internet.” –The Atlantic
    About the Author
    Austin Kleon is a writer who draws. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work! His work has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, PBS Newshour, and in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He also speaks frequently about creativity in the digital age for such organizations as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist. He lives in Austin, Texas, and online at austinkleon.com.

  • Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

    Author: Levitt Steven D.

    Brand: Harper Collins India

    Edition: new


      Package Dimensions: 25x197x250
      Release Date: 01-12-2013

      Details: Product Description

      The book, ‘Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything’ is an interesting book that combines the theories of economics with everyday issues and topics and presents a series of fascinating exercises that are engaging. Written by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt, this book provides a unique take of various things that we face every day. It has been published by William Morrow publications in the year 2013. This book became popular thanks to its unique narration style that presented the complex economic concepts using conventional humour and everyday wisdom.

      This book is written in the format of essays that cover economic issues and dissect how they are connected with everyday life. There are total 6 essays in the book. The first chapter deals with the issue of cheating and uses the example of sumo wrestlers. The second chapter deals with real estate agents and their practice of information control. The third chapter is about drug dealing which has been explained in an unconventional manner. It talks about the life and earnings of cocaine dealers and the low wages that they earn. The fourth chapter deals with the topic of abortion and talks about how abortions have helped in reducing crime rates. The fifth chapter is about parenting and education. The sixth chapter sheds light on the issue of naming children and the socioeconomic patterns related to it. The book uses interesting methodologies to put forward its teachings and often takes unconventional stands.

      About the author

      Steven Levitt is a famous economist who is popular for his work on crime and abortion. He was included in the Time magazine’s list of ‘100 People Who Shape Our World’ in 2006. He was also with the John Bates Clark Medal, which is offered by the American Economic Association for being the most promising U.S. economist under the age of 40. Stephen J. Dubner is a popular journalist and is well known for his work on pop-economics books. He completed his education from the Appalachian State University and Columbia University. He was one of the short-listed candidates for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.

      The book, ‘Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything’’ is a very interesting read for anyone who wants to know about the complex principles of economics. This book is easily available online for convenient shopping.

      You can bag this book from Amazon.in today by following a few easy steps.


      “Provocative… eye-popping.” — New York Times Book Review: Inside the List

      “If Indiana Jones were an economist, he’d be Steven Levitt… Criticizing Freakonomics would be like criticizing a hot fudge sundae.” — Wall Street Journal

      “The guy is interesting!” — Washington Post Book World

      “The funkiest study of statistical mechanics ever by a world-renowned economist… Eye-opening and sometimes eye-popping” — Entertainment Weekly

      “Steven Levitt has the most interesting mind in America… Prepare to be dazzled.” — Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point

      “Principles of economics are used to examine daily life in this fun read.” — People: Great Reads

      “Levitt dissects complex real-world phenomena, e.g. baby-naming patterns and Sumo wrestling, with an economist’s laser.” — San Diego Union-Tribune

      “Levitt is a number cruncher extraordinaire.” — Philadelphia Daily News

      “Levitt is one of the most notorious economists of our age.” — Financial Times

      “Hard to resist.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “Freakonomics is politically incorrect in the best, most essential way…. This is bracing fun of the highest order.” — Kurt Andersen, host of public radio’s Studio 360 and author of Turn of the Century

      “Freakonomics was the ‘It’ book of 2005.” — Fort Worth Star-Telegram

      “An eye-opening, and most interesting, approach to the world.” — Kirkus Reviews

      “An unconventional economist defies conventional wi


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